Do you take bookings?

No. We are NOT taking bookings. Just turn up and we will find you a table.

What are your opening times?

Monday to Saturday 12-11pm / Sunday 12-10.30pm

Do I have to Check In?

Yes. Everyone has to ‘check in’ using the NHS App or The Brewery Tap Manual Register at the door.

Do I have to have a substantial meal with a drink?

No. You don’t have to order food with your drinks anymore.

Can I use the toilets if we can only sit outside?

Yes. You can still use the toilets even though they are indoors.

Is there a time limit on how long we can stay?

No. There is no time limit once you are sat at a table.

Is Motherchip Open?

Yes. Motherchip will be serving food. For their opening times and menu, please see